16 March 2010

SHOCK laga laga laga -.SHOCK laga

I was in 6Th standard when teacher had given a project of “Science in Every day life”. I along with my 2 friends started working for the project. Since we had no god father or guide for our projects... we started doing our own.
We fixed the back ground theme of project that was to show the day to day activities related to science happening in our daily life of morning to evening.

We did shopping and bought all the accessories required for the project. We thought of showing the Sun hence we decided to use a small bulb.We also bought batteries to run the bulb. While doing this job suddenly a wild doubt came into my mind and I told my friends that we have not checked the batteries. 3 of us got upset and confused how to test the batteries.

We decided to check the batteries at home.We took 4 electrical cables and did the connection like this - One end of cable to main electrical power switch board of home; other ends to battery. Then took 2 more cables, front end connected to battery again and other end to a small zero watt bulb. It was a disastrous connection.

One of my friend who was a "Jain" by caste recalled God Mahavir Swami's name and switched on the power supply. We could not imagine what happened in next 30 seconds.

At first instance I saw a big spark, followed by a small fire ball falling on the bed sheets kept near by, bed sheets started burning.One terrible sound of blast. For a small fraction of second we saw light in our bulb [which proved batteries were actually okay]

After 30 seconds all 3 of us were shivering like anything. Since this experiment was done at my friend's home i decided to run before her parents knew about the situation.

Even after completing my engineering, i still feel electronics or electrical is the most difficult subject.

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