25 March 2010

Wake up Kid !!!

Dare me say this, "Sleeping in classrooms is the best thing that can happen to anyone attending school or college."

Sleeping during classroom lectures is a common phenomenon for most of the students. For me especially after lunch , it was very difficult to concentrate on teachers or professors speech. Sometimes I used to sit stretching my eyes wide and showing them I am still alive. Sleeping with eyes wide open is an art of highest grade that very few of us ever master. Fortunately with lots of practice I was real good at it.

At school, Principal used to teach us Hindi. He was approximately 65 year old - an old hog , but very soft and slow speaking personality.

With great respect in my heart, I believe he is one of best Hindi professor & amp; we are blessed to have him as our teacher. [haha... He might be reading this as well who knows. Just playing safe !] His specialty was, when he used to speak one can easily identify which Hindi vowel he was putting on the particular "Shabd". I was one among his "adarsh shishya".

I always preferred sitting on the first bench. (That creates an illusion of being a good student, and its a real perfect place to sleep in disguise! ) That day due to some reason I sat on 3rd one near the window. It was afternoon time and very watery & amp; cold wind was flowing. It was a pleasant weather. Principal Sir was teaching us the chapter “Kya Nirash Hua Jaaye” (it was indeed very boring, but dare I express that then ! ). I didn’t know when my eyes got closed. I woke up with a shocking voice “Get Out of the Class”.

Every one was looking at me. I felt embarrassed and crying. I thought Sir has seen me sleeping ! My heart sunk ! I thought its GAME OVER forever for all those short naps.

With heavy heart, when I reached class room door. I saw my father was standing there. For an instant I thought "Am I still dreaming?" He had come to give me some important certificates which I had forgotten to collect. I collected them and Principal sir asked me to come in. Thats when it stuck me like a bullet. Actually he had not seen me sleeping, he just called me cuz my father wanted to meet me. I took a deep breath , my cover was still intact. I could still sleep in the next geography lesson.

Now I am working in an office, the condition has not changed very much. I still sometimes sleep when I see my PC, the pile of drawings & the red and blue pens. Damn! The whole workplace is so conducive for sleeping.

I also do understand why Old folks have insomnia. Yup , you guessed it right ,cuz they dont have to go to schools or offices. So all grandmas and grandpas out there - If you want to have sound sleep then forget the Valium and Calmpose, all you need to do is start attending few History lessons in school and you surely will doze away in dreamland.


  1. hee hee really good one...
    I enjoyed readin that

  2. hey, too gud. noone else could ever thought of writing this..

  3. so far this is the best one from you!

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