09 March 2010

Women’s Day Special

My today’s story is dedicated to a lady named “Chandani”.

I met her when I joined my first company. It was rich industrial area mainly famous for metal and power industries.

I was Shift In charge of Raw Material Handling and Unloading Area. Chandani was one among the workers who worked 12 to 14 hrs a day and who used to help crane operators for opening of one or two tons raw material bag and unloading the same in the big wagons. Her job was very tedious, heavy and infact not good for women’s health. She was thin; fair enough with long black hairs, shining eyes and with full of energy. Every morning she used to give me a big smile, which I always reverted back.

Once I had not seen her for few days, I enquired but none of the workers knew what had happened to her. Suddenly I met her one day, she was looking very thin with dull eyes no energy but with the same smile as ever. I asked what the reason of her absence was. She replied her husband is suffering from blood cancer and he is not going for work since many months. She had two kids and old parents to look after. She was alone working for the family. She told me how much she loved her husband & moreover she was sure & fully hopeful that he will be fully cured one day and she will make him ready to go for work. I was speechless, from the day onwards she used to bring her little kid in the plant as he was small and needed her mother all da time, and she was indeed one of the strongest women I had met. She taught me the lesson of importance of love and family in our life.

After this incidence I met her many times but never dared to ask about her husband. I had left that job and now I don’t know where she is. I wish for her smile and happiness.

Happy Women's Day to all the women & to men who appreciate the value of women in their life.

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