07 March 2010

Lots in the Name !

My story starts from a typical marathi brahmin family where I was born as a first girl child. Initially the grand mother was little upset as she had wished for a male child but eventually she started developing soft corner for me and now i am her most favi grand daughter.I was chubby, sweet and very calm girl and hence i was liked by everyone. I was 3 year old, when my mother taught me the word "school". i was so ignorant at the age of 3 that i did not know what my actual name was, i thought my nick name is the only name i have.

One day I was sitting in a Rikshaw with my mother and aunt, they were taking me for school admission. my mother was teaching me if principal ask my name what to answer. I replied my nick name , my mother explained me that i should answer my real name (niti). During my way to school I saw a big temple of Lord RAMA, i asked who has made this temple. My mother replied one great women late MRS. Khushalee Bai Sharma has given lot of donation and on her name this temple has been made. i was very much fascinated. my mother was ignorant whats cooking in my mind.

But by the time i had decided to have a name. as known we reached school, Mr. Principal asked my name and i replied Khushalee. My mother and aunt were shocked.But principal liked this name a lot and he wrote this name on my enrolment and made it official.

After this event i tried to change my name but it was not possible due to some or other reason. Believe me name signifies our personality. My friends and my teachers believed that my name signifies what i am.

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